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The Voice of Intellectual Man is a refereed and bi-annual international journal of the Manav Kalyan Evam Vigyan Prasar Sansthan, Lucknow (INDIA). VOIM is registered under ISSN (2231-6914) and R.N.I. (UPBIL 03982/24/1/2010 TC). The journal is international in its character and content and has wide coverage on international and national issues of human and social development.  

The journal aims to cover wide spectrum from biological sciences to social sciences (anthropology, social & behavioural sciences, human biology, health and environmental sciences, education, psychology, geography and geology etc.).  This Journal is not only scholarly but also very accessible to new researchers. It aims to work closely with the scholarly community and play a significant part in promoting high quality research and investigations about the issues our society is facing today. The VOIM welcome the submission of original, thematic, empirical researches papers, research reports, shorter notes, research news, book reviews for publication.

VOIM is also open to subscription by both individuals and institutions in and outside India. The subscription rates are as follows:

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Subscription fee may please be sent, along with "Subscription Order Form" by Bank Draft/ Cheque drawn in favour of 'Manav Kalyan Evam Vigyan Prasar Sansthan' payable at "LUCKNOW" which is to be sent to the Editor. The further details of subscription process and the subscription form are attached with this mail.

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The papers and articles should follow the following guidelines:

  1. The manuscripts, in duplicate, typed in double space on A-4 sized paper (which should not exceed 20 pages) and the soft copy at CD ROM should be sent to Editor of the journal.
  1. TITLE: The first page of the paper should contain title of the paper, author’s name, affiliation, complete address, Fax number, and e-mail address with an abstract of the paper. When there is more than one author, the correspondence will be sent to the first author, unless otherwise requested. 


  1. RUNNING HEAD: Not more than 40 characters (including spaces) should be identified on the title page.
  1. KEYWORDS: Not exceeding six should accompany the manuscript. 


  1. TABLE: Each table should be typed separately and marked in the text in numerical order.
  1. ILLUSTRATION: It should be clear, concise, and good for reproduction (maximum size for illustrations is 120 x 180 mm/80x160mm). All illustrations are referred to as Figures.


  1. PHOTOGRAPH: Photograph should be sharp for reproduction (maximum size for photographs is 120 x 180mm/80x160 mm). The cost of the reproduction of black and white and coloured photographs will be borne by the author(s).
  1. LIST: A separate list of tables, figures, and illustrations with captions should accompany the manuscript.


  1. REFERENCES: These should be listed at the end of article, arranged alphabetically according to the surnames of the authors and then chronologically. Following are examples of the proper reference style of various sources:


  1. Journals: Chopra VP 1983. Population structure of the Indian people. Some microevoluntary aspects. Anthrop Anz, 41:111-117.
  1. Books: Bhasin MK 1988. Biology of the People of Indian Region. A Classified and Comprehensive Bibliography (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka). Delhi: Kamla-Raj Enterprises.


  1. Sections of Books: Bhasin MK, Bhasin V 2001. Ecology and health: The Indian scenario. In: Veena Bhasin Vinay K Srivastava and MK Bhasin (Eds.). Human Ecology in the New Millennium. Delhi: Kamla-Raj Enterprises, pp. 43-82.
  1. Newspaper / Magazine: Bhasin Veena 1982. Ecology and Gaddi Culture. Hindustan Times, Weekly, August 29, 1982, P. 9.


  1. Radio/Television Talk: Bhasin Veena 1986. Radio Talk - Gaddis of Himachal Pradesh. All India Radio ‘Yuv Vani’ - 1st July, 1986.
  1. Meeting Paper: Bhasin V, Bhasin MK, Singh IP 1978. Some problems in the education of Gaddis of Bharmour, Chamba District, Himachal Pradesh. Paper presented in Seminar on Education and Social Change in Himachal Pradesh (H.P.) in H.P. University, Shimla, November 13 to 16, 1978.


  1. Report: UNESCO 1974. Report of an Expert Panel on MAB Project 6: Impact of Human Activities on Mountain and Tundra Ecosystems. MAB Report Series No. 14, Paris: UNESCO.
  1. Thesis / Dissertation: Bhasin Veena 1981. Ecological Influence on the Socio cultural System of the Gaddis of Bharmour Sub-Tehsil, Chamba District, Himachal Pradesh. Ph. D. Thesis, Unpublish-ed. Delhi: University of Delhi.


  1. Work “in press”: Bhasin Veena 2004. Economic pursuits and strategies of survival among Damor of Rajasthan. J Hum Ecol, (in press).
  1. Website: Official Home Page of Work and Income New Zealand 2004.  From <> (Retrieved March 18, 2004)


  1. When there are more than five authors, use et al. in place of rest of the authors.
  1. REFERENCES IN THE TEXT: References citations in the text should be in parentheses and include author name(s) and year of publication. Text citations of two or more works at the time should be given in chronological order. When citing a paper written by three or more authors, write the name of the first author plus “et al”. (However, all authors must be given in the Reference section). Where there are two or more papers by the same author in one year, distinguishing letter (a, b, c....) should be added to year. All references should be carefully crosschecked; it is the author’s responsibility to ensure that references are correct.


  1. The papers contributed to the VOIM will be considered for publication on the clear cut understanding that it is submitted solely to the VOIM and accompany a declaration to this effect that they are not being considered for publication to elsewhere and they will not be reprinted or translated without the permission of the Editor of the VOIM. When the papers are submitted, the contributors are required to fill out and submit the copyright form, accepting the various terms and conditions enlisted therein. The copyright form in attached with this mail.
  1. For the convenience of the contributors and the future members the front page of the print journal, the content of the last journal and the details of the entire Editorial Board are attached with this mail.


  1. Kindly note that the Voice of Intellectual Man is published and managed by Manav Kalyan Evam Vigyan Prasar Sansthan and the contents of the Journal or any other aspect of the Journal are subject to change in view of the decisions taken by the Society which will be binding on the Editor, the Editorial Board and the members of the Journal.